Hi! I'm working on a course called:

Notion for Creators (and Teams)

Hi there! My name is Thomas Frank, and I've been using Notion to run my website, podcast, and 2 million-subscriber YouTube channel for the past two years.

In that time, I've learned how to turn Notion into the One System to Rule Them All - and it now works as our:

  • Project tracker
  • Video, podcast, and article archive
  • Company wiki (for 7 people)

...and more.

I'm now working on an in-depth course that will teach you how to use Notion's advanced features to create a system like this for yourself or your team.

This will be an intermediate-to-advanced course; however, when it launches, I'll also be releasing a Notion beginner's guide video on my channel for free to go along with it.

If you're interested, sign up here to get notified about it (and possibly get access to an early beta version).

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